Movin Up – Music Video

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30 June 2014

Houston Symphony’s annual “Day Of Music!”

We are excited about the possibility of playing at The Second annual Houston Symphony Day of Music show, but could use your help to make it happen. The band with the most “LIKES” wins and will play live Saturday afternoon at Jones Hall on the stage. So please go to this link and and click the like button in...
11 June 2014

4K Views & Counting

Our lofty goal was to get up to 5K views in the first two weeks of the release of our new music video “Movin Up”. We did not reach 5K but we did get over 4K which is still awesome! Thank you guys for watching and sharing and please continue to do so!
07 April 2014

Movin Up on the radio!

Thanks for helping us get on the 94.5 The Buzz! We are so grateful for our fans and are more motivated than ever. A truly special moment for us.
01 April 2014

Movin Up Music Video Released!

VerseCity is excited to finally complete a group of projects we have been working hard on the last few months. We have a new single “Movin Up” released with more new music to come, a music video for our new single, and a new website. We have centered everything around the release of this music video. Please join in our...